The Blue World City on Chakri Road in Islamabad is the fastest-growing and developing housing society in Islamabad. It stands out from the rest of the world with the features and facilities provided by Islamabad Blue World City. Speaking of the best real estate companies in 2019-2020, Islamabad ranked first, is the Blue World City. The Rawalpindi Development Agency (RDA) has been approved by this society, and the full legal NOC has yet to be submitted for approval.

Blue World City Islamabad is the best place for investment. It is a society that is rapidly developing in the course of development progress. There is no doubt that if you look at the following characteristics of the area, you will want to be part of this exciting project.

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  • Blue World City Water Theme Park

The development of the largest water theme park in this society is another notable aspect that makes Islamabad Blue World City a city worth living in. The park will include a swimming pool specially built for children.

In addition to volcanic waterfalls, it also has water games and slides. The park plan complies with international norms and values. The Blue World Water Theme Park is an impressive tourist attraction. The Blue World Water Theme Park also has playgrounds and all popular fast-food chains, suitable for family trips, including McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, etc.

  • Replica of Blue Mosque in Istanbul

In order to restore the Islamic and cultural ideals of that century, the replica of the Istanbul Blue Mosque inspired the creators of the Blue World City to build an Islamic venue. A landmark will be a replica of the Blue Mosque, which will attract all kinds of guests and tourists.

  • Tourist attraction

The rise of real estate and tourism is characterized by the rapid growth of foreigners' interest in livelihoods or investments in the area, which encourages the real estate industry's future income from renting and selling properties.

It has been widely observed in the recent Pakistani real estate sector that these projects plan a specific overseas block to accommodate foreign investment, such as the Blue World City and the Capital Smart City. Blue World City Overseas Block is one of the best in town with international amenities.

Blue World City provides higher security, advanced features, and ideal locations for investors who live or invest here. Therefore, the above two reasons are actually the ultimate reasons that make it a place that attracts tourists to visit and add up the value of the project.

  • Reasonable and manageable installment

The management of this society is selling properties at relatively cheap and affordable prices. You will immediately own your property with minimal capital. Unlike many other housing projects, Blue World City payment plan are very convenient and affordable. It seems that there are regular discounts for three and four years, such as the Capital Smart City, which can encourage customers to benefit from your plan to obtain real estate.

Blue World City Installment plans are also very manageable and feasible. In contrast, a manageable payment plan allows a person to purchase land that has never been cheaper. This society makes buying real estate so convenient that anyone can buy it, which is why various 3 and 4-year installment plans allow homeowners to easily control their land.

  • Underground power

 Underground transmission of power is becoming more and more popular for good reasons. It is worth looking at whether the society supports a safe, efficient and profitable energy system, and generally seems to be safe for residents; however, the main purpose of this function is not to preserve the beauty of the entire project.

In order to protect the community from any dangerous situation, underground power will also provide additional protection. However, it will also maintain the cultural standards of the entire society. Therefore, underground cables and wires are both safe and practical.

  • Architecture and development

Architecture and development are also very unique to the residents of this society because it contains Chinese-style infrastructure. The influence of Chinese contemporary architecture on cultural architectural style is the beauty of the development period. Blue World City Development status is also satisfactory and the construction work is in full swing.

  • Near the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is located near this society and will play a vital role in promoting the socio-economic development of the region and creating diversified business opportunities. A joint venture between Pakistan and China to improve trade relations between the two countries, namely Pakistan and China. Blue World City location is very lucrative and premium.

  • Commercial Area

Blue World City Mall is rapidly growing as a major shopping mall in Pakistan, including the largest wholesale market in China. With the cooperation of our Chinese partners and world-class development, we will make your dreams come true. A healthy environment, facilities, advantageous location, and many other resources contribute to the development of this project.

  • Availability of Basic needs & Amenities

The basic needs of the housing co-operative are met with modern facilities such as good road connectivity, good safety, and entertainment options. The basic features are:

  • E-tag System
  • Food courts and Restaurants
  • Public transportation
  • State-of-the-art wastewater dumping system
  • Water filtration plant
  • Lakes and Safari Zoo
  • Beauty & Hair Spas
  • Police stations
  • Safe Gated Community
  • Wide-set of Carpeted Roads (120ft, 80ft &40ft.)
  • Nonstop supply of Electricity, Water and Gas
  • Landline and Wi-Fi choices
  • Fool-Proof Security System
  • Green landscape areas
  • Well-being & Medical Facilities
  • Jamia and sector Masjids
  • State-of-the-art Learning institutes
  • Money-making and Business zones
  • Shopping Malls with a diversity of retail brands
  • Parks and gardens
  • Golf and football clubs
  • IMAX Cinema
  • Diverse community

The diverse community is the charm of this society. As part of this special project, you will have the opportunity to live in a new culture. Therefore, since this project is a blockchain dedicated to the Chinese citizens of the community, it is logical to assume that people from other communities, ethnic groups, and communities are invited to collaborate.

  • Yield Growth & Profits

Pakistan, particularly Islamabad and its surrounding real estate sector, has grown more than ever in the last few centuries. From a real estate point of view, investing as a business in this society can guarantee significant returns. Recommended for developers who want to invest in this long-term housing project as a profitable and successful investment even in a recession.


This society is highly lucrative for investors, residents, and entrepreneurs because this project is one of the best in town because of investment potential and high-end amenities.

Invest in this society and get profits.